Useful Materials and Tools in Plumbing

The plumbing system in your home is an important aspect of your home. It plays a crucial role to help maintain the condition and efficiency of your home. If you are planning to repair something in your plumbing system, click here. Well, to help you, here are some useful materials and tools for plumbing projects. 


    Sink Auger 

A sign auger is considered as one of the most valuable of the different tools for plumbing that you will surely want to have in your toolbox. For breaking and clearing clogs in tubs and sinks, this is a very easy to use a tool. This is not advisable to be used on toilets because toilets require a special tool called closet auger or toilet auger. 

With a steel auger bit on the end, the sink auger consists of a flexible cable. The cable is coined within a drum canister and extends to the drain for it to be able to reach the clog and remove it. As the drum is turned, the cable, as well as the auger, also turns.  A thumbscrew is what locks the cable and the canister. 

    Closet Auger 

To clear clogs in the toilet, a toilet auger is used. Sink augers are designed for a different process so it is not advisable to use it in the toilet or vice versa.  

    Flange Plunger 

To clear clogs in the toilet, the flange plunger or ball plunger is specially designed. It works by applying vacuum as well as the force of water. Unlike a standard cup shaped plunger which is usually used for sinks and tubs, the shape of this plunger seals the hole at the bottom of a toilet bowl. 

    Cup Plunger 

Probably the most common special plumbing tool in your home is the cup plunger. It is used to clear clogs in sinks, showers, and tubs since it has a rubber cup-like shape and handles. This is not advisable for clearing toilet clogs since that will require a flange plunger. 

    Plumber’s Tape 

This is an important material to prevent leakage at threaded plumbing joint connections. To effectively seal pipe threads being joined together for plumbing purposes, such as threaded water connections of water lines and shower heads, you can use a plumber’s tape that is versatile, inexpensive, and common. 

    Adjustable Pipe Wrench 

The quintessential metal plumbing tool is the adjustable pipe wrench. This tool is an iconic symbol of plumbing repair. Tremendous leverage and grip are what this tool provides. It is designed to grip round objects securely by getting its sharp serrated teeth into the pipe which increases pressure as the wrench is turned once you tighten the wrench around the pipe with the use of the knurled knob. 

    Faucet Valve Seat Wrench 

To remove the valve seats on a compression faucet so that it is possible to be replaced, you will need a faucet valve seat wrench. The oldest style of faucet is compression faucets. Against a valve seat in the faucet body, they work by compressing a nylon or rubber washer in the end part of the brass stem down.